Although the idea had existed for a long time before, Borobiltxo Libros was born at the end of 2002, during a concert by Pascal Comelade, Jaume Sisa and Antònia Font at Plaza de la Catedral in Barcelona. On that day, Jordi Llobet talked to Quique Ramos about an artist he had discovered on a trip to Finland. That was our first motivation to start the project: we were going to publish Kati Rapia and see what would happen. 

"El planeta de la señorita" was our first release, but not the last! Our philosophy is still the same: we let ourselves be carried away by our enthusiasm, publishing those newly discovered comics that excite us. We think there are a lot of hidden treasures out there that still donât have a place here. 

Later, we decided to publish another artist we love who we had discovered from the fanzine Qué Suerte!. She was Michele Siquot, from Argentina. So we published "Observación de la naturaleza humana" in February 2004, and the presentation party took place at the gallery-shop Almacén Marabi. 

Then we realized that there were many artists we wanted to publish but we couldn't release a book by each of them, so we thought about gathering them all together in an anthology. We called it "Una casa para siempre" and we put a silkscreened cover on it. We were very happy about having all those artists that we love. The presentation party was held in June 2005, again at Almacén Marabi. 

At the beginning of 2008, after a period of inactivity, Quique decided to leave Borobiltxo Libros, but Jordi was determined to go on with it. So in April "Yellow Bird" by Kati Rapia and "Doctor Gómez" by Tamayo were published and had one and the other presentation parties at the gallery Duduá. 

In February 2013 we published a second book by Michele Siquot called "Diario de un oso en París" and the presentation party took place at Taller De Ubieta.

Ahora estamos en un periodo de hibernación, pero no descartamos volver a publicar en el momento menos esperado, cuando encontremos las fuerzas y las circunstancias sean proclives. Los libros publicados siguen disponibles en las tiendas y nuestra tienda online sigue activa.

Nowadays, we are in a period of hibernation, but we don't rule out going back to publishing at the least expected moment, when we find the energy and the circumstances are favourable. Our books remain available in stores and our online store is still active.

In addition to publishing the books during all these years, we have arranged exhibitions by Michele Siquot (December 2006 at Duduá and October 2007 at Almazén) and Kati Rapia (April 2008 at Duduá) and participated in several book fairs. 

Ah! And Borobiltxo Libros means "little rounded books" in the Basque language!