Diario de un oso en París

Paris, 1949. Just arrived from Argentina, the bear and his mate the chicken wander around the landmarks of the city. The two travelers are amazed by the French capital's modernity and are surprised by the strange habits and manners of its inhabitants.

The wonderful and tender drawings of Michele Siquot (1964, Rosario, Argentina) illustrate the story and place the characters inside real postcards of Paris from early XXth century. The delicate interventions in color over the 15 black and white postcards invite you to look at every corner of the beautiful pictures and be amazed by every small detail and graphic .

Besides, this charming visual game goes with texts that Michele Siquot has recovered from the travel diary that her mother, Marta Bertotto, wrote in 1949 during a trip to Europe. The sweetness, slyness and the sense of humor of these texts show us a special and funny way of seeing the world.

It includes translations in English and French.
Il comprend des traductions en français et en anglais.

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Published on February 8th, 2013.
38 pages, colour.
Soft cover with cloth on spine.
ISBN 978-84-616-1801-9
10 € (IVA included)