On May 10th and 11th Gutter Fest will be held at Hangar in Barcelona. Many independent publishers, zines and artists will show their work there, and there'll be many activities. It's an honour for us to be there.

More information at Gutter Fest website.


The original postcards of "Diario de un oso en París" are being exhibited in Barcelona again! We participate in Molécula Editorial, a festival of independent publishers that takes place at Mutuo gallery from April 20th to May 2nd, and our books and the postcards will be there.

More information at Mutuo's website.


We're happy to participate at the first GRAF festival! It will take place at Mutuo Gallery in Barcelona, and there will be many activities you can check here.


Copies of "Diario de un oso en París" have already arrived to Argentina. They're back to the Argentina, same as the original diary back in the day.

Michele Siquot's children (and Marta Bertotto grandchildren) are already reading it!


At the end of 1990's, Michele Siquot spent some time in Spain doing "artistic tourism". Here you can read an interview from those times!


The texts in "Diario de un oso en París" are taken from the travel diary that Marta Bertotto wrote during a trip to Europe in 1949 when she was 14 years old. Here you can see some photos of this diary! 


Michele Siquot sent us photographs of her mother, Marta Bertotto, in Europe in 1949, when she was 14 years old. The texts from "Diario de un oso en París" are fragments of the diary that Marta wrote during this trip.


We couldn't resist the temptation of animating Michele Siquot's drawings, and we've made a book trailer of her book. You can see it here. 


"Diario de un oso en París" is already in stores! You can find it at your favourite comics store. Also, at our online store. We hope you like it!


Thanks a lot to everyone who came to the presentation party! It was a lot of fun. It was great to share our happiness with everybody.

We remind you that the exhibition with the original art of "Diario de un oso en París" will continue at Taller De Ubieta (c/Sant Pere Mitjà 70, Barcelona) until February 21st. 

Here you can see some photos of the presentation party.


Michele Siquot sent us from Argentina these illustrated postcards that we're going to draw on Thursday at the book's presentation party among the people who buy the book. There'll be 6 original postcards drawn. Appropiately, this postcards are from Barcelona's 1929 International Exposition.


The launch party of "Diario de un oso en París" is soon!

Next Thursday we'll celebrate the publishing of the new book at Taller De Ubieta (c/Sant Pere Mitjà, 70, Barcelona) at 7 pm. Food, drinks and our company are included!

The original copies of Michele Siquot's work will be exhibited there too. That exhibition will stay until February 21st at Taller De Ubieta.

Also, we'll draw 6 original postcards illustrated by Michele Siquot for the occasion. See you there!


After a too long hiatus, we announce the publication of a new book! Its title is "Diario de un oso en París", with art by Michele Siquot and texts by Marta Bertotto.

This is the second book by Michele Siquot we publish, and it's a very special project this time, because the book includes fragments of the travel diary that her mother wrote during a trip to Europe in 1949. Michele accompanies these texts with early 20th century postcards of Paris that she illustrated with her tender art.

The book will be in stores on February 8th and we'll have a launch party in Barcelona on January 31st. You can read more information about the book here. We hope you like it as much as we do!


There are news at Borobiltxo Libros! Very soon we'll announce details of our next book, that will be published at the end of January. We're very excited.

We wish you a happy new year!


Kati Rapia is participating in the exhibition "A Autobiografia, Os Vários Rostos do Eu" at the festival Amadora BD in Portugal. She will be there in person!